We can clean and restore most hard surfaces in a fast, safe and affordable manner.

Whether it is mono-block, concrete, tarmac or slabs, we can restore them with dramatic results back to almost new condition.

Working without any dangerous chemicals we can remove and clear moss, weeds, algae and lichen using the latest High Pressure Blast Cleaning Methods.

Using our Flat Surface Cleaning  Pressure Washer, the water pressure from the triple rotating nozzles rapidly cleans patios, block paving concrete, tarmac, timber decks, fences, walls – any large flat area surfaces. The protective skirt around the base of the unit minimises any over spray.

Reach Cleaning Solutions are able to clean all outdoor hard surfaces including walkways, steps, fire exits, public entrances, communal areas, and car-parks. This includes removal of, lichen, moss and algae from paths and walls.

One of main strengths is flexible working with clients’ needs and operating times, to minimise disruption and interruption to service.